Catch Up

Whoa, I have neglected this blog for a while (it even expired, but thankfully I was able to retrieve it).

My last post was my recap for the August challenge. So now I’ll try and recap on Sep – Dec.

Sept – Whole Foods Only. I believe it went ok. Probably not perfect, but not terrible. I eat mostly plant based anyways, but going out it a little harder with the lack of options at most places (unless I want to pay $20 for a plate of lettuce). It is getting better and making better choices everyday.

Oct – Journal Everyday. I started journalling in grade 8 as it was a way I could get how I was feeling/thinking out of my head as I don’t express my feelings very well. It has slowed down as I have gotten older, but I wanted to get back into a habit of it as I found it really helped me vent. I didn’t do everyday in October, but I did journal about 5-6x a week, which was great. I have been a lot more consistent with it as well. YAY.

Nov – Salad Everyday. Well I’d love to say I had a salad everyday, but honestly I’m not a salad fan. Which may surprise some people as I do consume a fair amount of veggies and fruit. It’s just blah. I do however love a salad in a wrap, or a massive veggie sandwich, or just veggies and dip (or really a little veggie to go with my dip haha). So it is with a little embarrassment I did not complete this challenge at all. Maybe had 1 salad a week 😐 Oh well, I eat lots of veggies and salads just aren’t my thing.

Dec – Mono Meal Brekky. This was great. I loved it. It was fast, easy, convenient, fresh, delicious and by far my favourite challenge. December is mango season here in Darwin, Australia and the mangoes did not disappoint. So juicy and yummy. I bought about 60 mangoes and had them almost everyday. I did also have banana nice cream (frozen bananas blended into a creamy nice cream), so I definitely completed this challenge. It was also very hot here, so having them was very refreshing.

And that was the end of my challenges. I did not decide to do anything for 2017. The past few months haven’t been all that exciting in terms of doing things just work and lots of down time. Hopefully more adventures will take place as the dry season approaches.




*Photo: Casuarina Beach, Darwin

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