Just keep swimming…

As far as I can remember I have loved swimming. I may have screamed a few times and sat on the side during lessons, but it wasn’t because I was afraid of the water. I played a few sports growing up for roughly 2 years at a time and the last one I did was competitive swimming. I joined at 14 years old and was clearly a late beginner since I swam with 10 year olds (people usually start at 6 years old). I loved it. I remember thinking “Why didn’t I start this sooner?” I could have spared myself from embarrassing moments during volleyball games, dance recitals, and baseball tournaments. I finally felt like I was good at something.

April was Swim Every Work Day. I was looking forward to it, but I was also kinda dreading it.  I don’t like going to work early or staying late or going on my off days since it’s work and I want work life and personal life separate. But since I made this a challenge I mostly went to work early, since by the time I would be off I’d just want to go home. It turned out to be great. I looked forward to swimming and even though it made my longer days feel even longer I felt good.

I never went with a plan. I’d just go and swim. I decided to not swim less than 1000m (1km) so I usually swam between 1000m-1800m. A lot of the time I’d swim on my lunch break, so I wouldn’t have to go early or stay late. It gave me 20 mins to do my swim, with 7 mins to shower and change to get back on the pool deck to guard. Sometimes I swam in 300’s switching my strokes other times I didn’t stop till I did 1000m.

It brought back memories of swim club days, realizing I still forget to count my laps, and making up random convos in my head. I also would sometimes try and beat the person in front of me or beside me in another lane…the little bit of competitiveness inside me.

I am looking forward to keeping this up especially in Australia where all pools are 50m (my favourite).



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