Happy Birthday MA!

As many of you know my mother would have turned 49 today, March 27th. If you didn’t, but you knew her I am surprised. She would start celebrating her day on March 1st and claimed it as her birthday month. She would remind you weeks and months in advance (guess that’s where I get it from). It would drive me crazy as when December 1st rolled around she would laugh at me as I claimed it as my birthday month.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, if anything, to celebrate her today and in the coming years. I tossed ideas around and decided I’ll do things that she would have liked to do/self care for myself as she always believed in focusing on yourself as well.

In the morning Ben and I went to Yoga and on the whim decided to go for brunch. We went to our favourite spot, Stonesedge. I know she would have loved it there. We came home and just hung out. Ben left for work and I went for a fast paced walk on Blueberry trail behind our place. If you know my mom you know she walked with a mission everywhere she went and at work got the nickname Road Runner.

I stood on the edge of the cliff and just inhaled the fresh mountain air. My mom loved going to the ocean and I remember being so bored as a kid as we walked up and down looking for drift wood. I think because we went so much I now love it and could spend hours at the ocean myself. I am nowhere near an ocean, so the next best was the mountain air, which I know she would have loved. There is a little homemade swing to sit on and look out onto the lake.


I came home and started dinner. Growing up my mom and I often had breakfast for dinner, cereal or toast were the usual, but tonight I made pancakes because I have an addiction to maple syrup.


Happy Birthday to the best mother I’ve ever had.




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday MA!

  1. I hadn’t seen this till today….
    And yes, her birthday month was on everyone’s calender and I also remember her taking the day off on the first day of school. Lol

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