Well, you may or may not know, but Ben and I moved to Whistler October 1, 2015. There were a few factors in moving, but the biggest one was wanting a change of scenery.

We went for a little getaway to Whistler Feb/Mar 2015 and loved it. It was my very first time ever going to Whistler (I know it is surprising since I grew up in Chilliwack). We loved the fresh air, the mountains and the quaint little village. We talked about moving there and what we would do. Could we afford it? Is it worth it?

I had a pretty decent job, we lived in a great apartment, I was close to my friends and family. The little travel bug inside me wanted to go for it while my brain didn’t want to give up a job I had worked towards. News came that the company I worked for would no longer be running the centres after Sept 30, 2015. So, moving to Whistler became a little more real. We started looking at jobs and places and couldn’t believe the price studios were going for (about $2000-$3500/month). We thought, “we can’t afford that maybe this isn’t the right decision”. I started asking around to see if anyone knew of anyone who lived in Whistler or had a place or at least a connection. I had a meeting with my boss and mentioned we were looking to move. She said she knew someone who has a place and he might be interested. So she texted him and about 3 hours later we got word he was willing to rent to us at a super reasonable rate! So just like that we packed our bags, and a month and a half later we moved. It has proven to be the greatest decision.



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